Our Performers

bethanyBethany Mychael
Aerialist, Pole

Bethany has been working on double point lyra and single point trapeze for about two years. She decided to take an aerial dance class at Towson University to help her de-stress during her senior semester and fell in love with the creative outlet it afforded her. Prior to that, Bethany had taken pole dance classes for several years and performed a few times. When not studying for her Master’s degree, Bethany can be found working on aerial silks, which are a new apparatus for her. Bethany is our resident tree-climber, and her favorite apparatus is anything rigged outside.

julia2Julia Annemarie

Julia’s love of aerial arts started when she was 13 with human pyramids and flying trapeze. 10 years later that passion and freedom she first felt when flying through air helped ground her through the earning of her masters degree. Over the past year Julia’s love of more static aperati, Lyra and silks, has grown and become her primary focus. With a background in jazz dance, a love of expression, and communication via the human form Julia has found herself enamored with anything she can “hang upside down from”. Julia’s love of preforming started when she was much younger in the theater and has grown to encompass the world of aerial arts!

erinErin Dotsey
Aerialist, Pole

Erin has always loved to dance, and has been swinging from whatever she could get her hands on since she had the ability to grasp. Her parents finally put her in gymnastics classes at the age of 9, after more bruises, broken toes and broken thermostats then they cared to recall. She discovered the aerial arts in 2012, after realizing that pole dancing looked like fun, but she wasn’t quite ready to take her clothes off in front of people! Since then, she has expanded her repertoire to include Lyra, Silks, static trapeze and even some hand-balancing… Anything that will give her the ability to fly through the air and collect bruises at the same time!

Stacey Shapiro
Aerialist, Pole

Stacey grew up surrounded by aerialists and watching her mother perform. There was always some apparatus hanging in her backyard to play on. She never thought she wanted to be like her mother until her mother introduced her to pole fitness. Stacey has been pole dancing for 6 years and has played around on silks, lyra and trapeze most of her life. Only recently has she become dedicated to learning silks and lyra. She performs weekly in Atlantic City, is a NPC figure competitor, and an ACE certified personal trainer.

Karineh Lohr
Aerialist, Flow Artist 

Karineh has always looked to defy the laws of physics via strength, dance, and flexibility. She grew up as a competitive cheerleader where she found her passion for acrobatics through stunting and tumbling. As a young adult she entered the world of flow arts when she was introduced to hoop dancing. Interacting with the hoop as a dance prop smoothed her dance style, taught her flow, and brought her into a new awareness of her body and the joy of a personal practice. She found a way to try aerial arts through the Baltimore flow community, Pyrophilia and she and immediately fell in love with the rush of accomplishment and thrill of flight. Karineh is excited to expand her command of flow and circus arts as she progresses on the lyra and aerial silks, She also practices yoga, hand balancing, partner acrobatics, and other prop manipulation. She teaches and performs with her hoop and will be performing with the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe in June 2015!

daniDani Baer

Dani has an intimate relationship with Lyra… She has performed at Paradox, The Rockwell and the Mobtown Ballroom. She has experience with Lyra, silks, Cyr Wheel and German wheel, but lyra is her true companion!  As an artist she loves experimenting with choreography and combining different aperati. She is a goofball in the world of circus arts and loves to entertain everyone she meets.